Steel Goddesses: Revenge is live on Amazon!

It’s been a whirlwind month and a half, making final revisions to REVENGE, Book 2 in the Steel Goddesses trilogy. Last week, without much fanfare, the book was published on Amazon (the paperback via CreateSpace and the ebook via Kindle Direct Publishing).

The experience of writing Revenge was different than when I wrote the first Steel Goddesses novel. I started writing Book 1 in 2004 while recovering from a car accident. After many trials and errors, I published it in 2009 through CreateSpace. I rewrote it, adding more of a backstory for one of the characters, and re-published through CreateSpace in 2016. I did this on the advice of a production company who optioned the book and is in the process of turning it into a film. Being able to rewrite, reformat and redesign the cover was a relief.


I began writing Revenge in 2010, then put it aside for several years because I couldn’t seem to get my mojo going. One of the most significant challenges to my creativity is the fact that I have ADD. My brain flits from thought to thought as quickly as a butterfly flits from flower to flower. I have a thousand, make that a million great ideas throughout the course of a day. If I don’t stop to write those thoughts down or record them, they vanish, and I can never quite remember them later.

I picked up the thread and started writing again in 2016, only to walk away from the novel a couple of months in. I sat down again in 2017 and cobbled out a first draft, then spent the next year fleshing it out. This time, I had help from a wonderful group of friends who volunteered to read various incarnations and offer feedback. Five revisions later, I proclaimed Revenge ready for publication. In truth, I probably could have written several more revisions. I have a feeling other authors feel the same about their work.

Formatting Revenge for paperback and ebook was a bitch because I’m still new to this self-publishing thing. I shed many tears and uttered many curse words in several languages during this process. As I had commandeered the kitchen table for this project, my husband and son tiptoed around me during this time.

Magically, the book was finally finished and ready to present to the world. Its official publishing date is listed as June 27, 2018, the date it went live on Amazon.

sg2 front cover final

My next step is to market Revenge and Book 1 while launching into researching and writing Book 3, which takes place in LA in 1987. Marketing has always been a challenge. I am rubbish at promoting myself and am considering trying to find the funds to hire someone to help with PR. We shall see.

To whet your appetite for Steel Goddesses: Revenge, here’s the back cover blurb. If you haven’t read Steel Goddesses (Book 1), check out the blurb for that book below this one.

STEEL GODDESSES: REVENGE (Book 2 in the Steel Goddesses Trilogy)

sg2 front cover final

New York City. 1986
Rusty is the most powerful woman on New York City’s heavy metal scene. She runs The Company, an exclusive service offering the City’s most beautiful and exotic women to cater to the needs of rock bands and high-profile businessmen. Rusty should be happy, but she’s too focused on revenge against Toni, The Company’s former star, who crushed Rusty’s naive dreams of life as a rock star’s girlfriend.

Natascha is The Company’s newest girl, a fiery redhead with a fake Russian accent and a mission to uncover a potentially deadly secret.

Rusty finds an ally in her second-in-command. Rafe is a hunky drummer on his own mission: to melt the ice around Rusty’s heart and reignite her passion for life.

An unthinkable crime sends Rusty, Rafe, Natascha, and Natascha’s metal journalist friend Andy on a collision course with one of The Company’s most heartbreaking and deadly secrets.

STEEL GODDESSES (Book 1 in the Steel Goddesses Trilogy):


New York City. 1985

Toni has her pick of any rocker who plays at L’Amour. But the man she wants, hunky guitarist Don Lyden, remains out of reach. In order to get one night with him, Toni must help recruit groupies for an aging rocker/party planner.

She finds naive Kris, a wanna-be rock journalist and Rusty, a desperate dreamer who longs to live the rock and roll life. As Toni schemes and abuses their trust, she ends up changing both women, one for the better, the other for worse.

Along the way, Toni makes a shocking discovery about her dream man, finds love in an unlikely place and finds redemption… through murder.

Steel Goddesess Novel is LIVE

I’m thrilled to announce that the revised Steel Goddesses novel is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats. The revised novel includes more details, as well as a back story for one of the main characters. You may understand her motivations a little more, and some of you may also identify with her. I know I did, although I chose to “act out” in a different way.

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I’d love your reviews, on Amazon and here.

Thanks so much! xo


Steel Goddesses, reborn

I’m sitting alone in my office, Iron Maiden blasting from my phone, courtesy of Spotify. My arms are aching, and with good reason. I’ve spent the past 20 hours engaged in a marathon of writing, editing, and formatting the revised edition of Steel Goddesses. There’s also a new cover (see below).

Several people have asked why I rewrote SG, instead of working on the long-awaited sequel. I have several answers:

1. I know much more about formatting a manuscript than I did in 2009.

2. Self-publishing sites have become more user-friendly, making it easier to publish a book that looks and feels professional.

3. The director of the a film project tied to Steel Goddesses told me the main character needed a back story. He also suggested the novel be republished with a 2016 copyright, to make it more timely. I took both of his suggestions to heart, and added a back story for the main character. Revising the original also gave me the opportunity to correct some mistakes, rewrite some scenes, and undertake a more thorough edit than last time.

I finished the final edits this afternoon and submitted the novel and cover art for review.

Now, I sit here, my head buzzing with anticipation and anxiety. I’m excited about Steel Goddesses’ re-release. I’m also terrified that people will hate it. I know this is a common feeling for the majority of creative people out there. We’re a very sensitive bunch.

When I published the first incarnation of SG in 2009, I was afraid to promote it. Afraid people would hate it. Truth be told, a part of me hated it. Okay, I didn’t really “hate” it, but I was embarrassed by what I had written and didn’t want to claim it as my own. I created the Ann Brandt alter ego and published under her name. I sold maybe a thousand copies (not too shabby), but didn’t promote it. Every time someone emailed or told me they had read it, I wanted to hide my face. I hated Steel Goddesses, and when a male co-worker told me he’d read it, I realized why I hated it. Although my co-worker didn’t make any sly remarks, I was afraid everyone who read the book would think I have a dirty mind. Or worse, I’d done all the things I describe. So, I ignored the novel, and it languished.

The movie project placed Steel Goddesses front and center in my life again. When the director said he wanted a back story for Toni, as well as a 2016 copyright, I knew I had to put my embarrassment behind me and dive back into the world I’d created nearly a decade ago.

So, I held my breath and dove in.

And fell in love again with Toni, Kris, Rusty and the gang. Felt my heart flutter over Marty again. Recoiled at the sleazy antics of Marius Man. Cried over some of the challenges my characters faced. As I made the final edits this morning, I realized I was happy. And proud. I’m anxious, too, but I that’s to be expected. I’m putting the fruits of my imagination out into the world, for better or worse.

This time, however, I won’t shy away from readers who want to discuss Steel Goddesses. I won’t care what they think about what I may or may not have done in my youth, or how much of the novel is based on actual events. Steel Goddesses is my creation, my baby, and I will love and nurture it, and show it proudly to the world. I know there are people who won’t like it, and that’s fine. Our differences make the world go round.

As I sit here in my office, listening to Iron Maiden blasting from my phone, I’m content. And excited to start writing Book 2 of the Steel Goddesses trilogy. Because the girls are clamoring to be heard, and I’m finally ready to listen again.