The Old Bridge Metal Militia rides again… for Sandy victims

Back in the 80’s, there was a group of hardcore metal fans in New Jersey who called themselves the OLD BRIDGE METAL MILITIA. This group of guys (and gals!) devoured metal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their favorites? An up-and-coming outfit out of Northern California called Metallica… along with Raven from England, Anthrax from NYC and other bands, like TT Quick, Manowar, Anvil and so on. Most of the bands were signed to a fledgling record label called MegaForce, helmed by “The Lone Rager,” Jonny Z and his awesome rockin’ wife Marsha.

Decades have passed– but the Old Bridge Metal Militia is STILL rockin’ – loud, proud and with HEART. OBMM members have teamed up with MegaForce, Rock ‘n Roll Heaven (THE metal record store – they lent me many a record for my metal radio show way back when), and Adrenaline PR (successfully run by Maria Ferrero, one of my favorite metal minds– and a good friend for many years) have teamed up to present one huge rockin’ show to benefit victims of Super Storm Sandy, who are STILL trying to get their homes and lives in order, nearly *seven* months after the storm caused so much devastation in NY, NJ and beyond.

THE ROCK ‘N ROLL HEAVEN and OLD BRIDGE METAL MILITIA REUNION SHOW takes place Saturday, May 11 at Encore Event Center in Freehold, New Jersey. Bands scheduled to perform include:
Twisted Sister
The Rods
Lords of Mercy
…and more

For more information– or to BUY TICKETS – follow this link!
If you’re already going, share your pix – so we can live vicariously through you. If you can’t attend and would like to help out, click here for donation information (scroll to the bottom of the story)

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